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James Everett

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Merry Mixmas for 2015 [Jan. 6th, 2016|10:06 pm]
James Everett

Every year I do a quick and dirty mix to share some of my favourite new music with friends around the world. For a long time I hosted the MP3s here, but a couple of years ago Mixcloud made sharing these a lot easier!

Mixmas 2015 by James Everett on Mixcloud

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Happy New Year! [Dec. 31st, 2015|06:07 am]
James Everett

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1ZDmfcV

From @naviverse and I. So much love to all our wonderful humans around the globe. If you’re not in this room, we miss you. <3

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MIGS2011 and Prince of Arcade [Nov. 28th, 2011|11:43 pm]
James Everett
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Slightly overdue, but I’ve posted a bunch of pictures from MIGS 2011. Though most of these took place at Prince of Arcade, which was good fun. It was fantastic to reconnect with so many of my old colleagues from Montreal, and meet a bunch of the Ubisoft Montreal crew!

One of the pictures has also been used in an interesting article at the excellent Kill Screen Daily, What Do You Call It? by Lana Polansky. Weaving a common thread through the various highlights of MIGS is quite a feat, I highly recommend her piece.

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Points don’t make it a game! The Slides. [Oct. 10th, 2011|12:48 pm]
James Everett
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Points don’t make it a game! </p>
I’ve put the slides up from my NXNEi talk back in June. Although lots has happened in the gamification world since (see my previous post), I think there’s some value in getting this on the record. It’s best viewed with the speaker’s notes for info and context, unfortunately you’ll have to go over to the slideshare page for that.

Quesitons and comments very welcome!

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Stellar Gamification Criticism [Sep. 20th, 2011|08:24 am]
James Everett

My slides from NXNEi are woefully overdue for posting, but in the meantime I highly recommend the following:

I must admit that after NXNEi I’ve been very busy at UbiTO and haven’t paid nearly as much attention to the ongoing gamification debate as I’d like. If you’re joining the fray and wondering what the ruckus is all about read Deterding’s review to get a jump start.

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NXNEi References [Jun. 17th, 2011|02:11 pm]
James Everett

I just had the privilege of speaking about game design and gamification at North by Northeast Interactive. While I want to clean up my slides to be useful to a new reader, I’ve collected a few links and resources either mentioned in my talk or directly relevant to the subject at hand. I’ll add more soon, but this should get you started!





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Back across the world [Nov. 8th, 2010|11:36 am]
James Everett

CN Tower on a sunny Saturday

After more than two and a half years in New Zealand I have returned to Canada. The distance traveled has been a few thousand kilometres more, and it’s another city I’ve never visited and have no roots in. (Or so I thought, a few old friends have been appearing!) Toronto is more than six times the size of Wellington and it’s going to take some serious getting used to.

New Zealand and Sidhe were incredibly good to me. We shipped Shatter, built some great entertainment, learned heaps, and had lots of good times. Many great friendships were started and will continue regardless of distance and time zone differences. (Skype multi-user video conferencing is brilliant!) I met my love Luba, and I can barely wait the few months until she moves up here. As an attendee and a (minor) contributor I can attest that Webstock is one of the finest conferences in the world.

So what could possibly draw me away from all of that? Particularly to return to Canada just in time for winter?

A shot at one of the biggest games in the world with one of the creative powerhouses of our industry. Ubisoft Toronto is brand new, its staff measure their time with the studio in months, not years, and the push is on to hire senior developers from around the world. From landing on Thursday night, to hanging out over the weekend with some of my new coworkers, to wrapping up my first day today it’s clear that they’re out to conquer the world. Nothing will be done by half measures, the resources are behind us, and the excitement is infectious.

To top it off the chance to work with, and learn from, designers like Maxime Béland and Pat Redding is something I could not possibly pass up. So here I am in Toronto.

I can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow.

Originally published at Brain of James
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Door Scoot [May. 3rd, 2010|06:25 am]
James Everett


Door Scoot, originally uploaded by JamesEverett.

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Ghosts on the Crosswalk [Apr. 28th, 2010|12:08 am]
James Everett

Originally uploaded by JamesEverett.
View large, on black.

Well that was unintentional. Still had ancient settings on my Flickr account. These days I'm found over here.
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Saddest commercial use of free running yet [Sep. 16th, 2007|04:03 pm]
James Everett

Just brutal. The fellow in the video, Blue, is one of the best traceurs out there, trains constantly, and can pull off stuff that constantly surprises. Apparently the director decided the best use of his talents was to have him walk around London and occasionally jump over things.
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